29899 Man’s dabbling into portable mechanical timepieces began about 500 years ago. With Patek Philippe having just celebrated its 175th anniversary three years ago, doing the math reveals that the illustrious Genevan watch manufacturer has co-written a third of its intriguing history. While indeed there are many brands that claim to be older, most of them had discontinued their activities in the course of time and were reestablished by completely foreign people at a much later date. Conversely, Patek Philippe has endeavoured without interruption since its inception on 1 May 1839 and has always been privately owned. Today, it is widely viewed as one of haute horlogerie‘s most prestigious names and a leading manufacturer of fine mechanical timepieces. This is the story of a manufacture that was born from the fascinations of a Polish immigrant; the story of a manufacture that has endured trials and tribulations and – in spite of all that – stayed true to its ethos. This is the story of Patek Philippe.